Yoga is a practice for stilling the mind, for connection and seeing beyond limiting illusions and beliefs.

Calm the mind, lift the spirits, learn skills and practices to manage stress and anxiety alongside improving fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility with our online yoga community. Information about indoor face to face courses and workshops will be published on the website and on social media when it is safe and viable for them to restart.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted or experience chronic fatigue/ME, Mindful Yoga classes can support you to come back from a state of overwhelm. You do not need to be fit or flexible and you won’t break into a sweat!

If you experience anxiety, spend long periods of your day sitting or want to improve fitness, strength and flexibility, dynamic and energetic vinyasa yoga will get you moving, burn stress hormones, raise your heart rate and target tense and constricted areas such as the back, shoulders and hips. The physical benefits are essentially side effects, for the main aims of these classes too are to calm the mind and become present. Becoming more ‘in the moment’ can be particularly helpful for anxiety which focuses on what might happen in the future.

Breathe, pause, strip back what is no longer needed and improve health, fitness and wellbeing.

Classes are trauma sensitive and non-competitive. You are encouraged to come as you are and work where you are at.

Carolyn specialises in yoga for mental health and wellbeing. Fusing yoga with her extensive experience as a mental health professional and senior leader for mental health services in the NHS and a Local Authority, she has developed an innovative body-mind approach and real-life tools to help people feel better.

Passionate about community, she recognises that the motivation, support and connection that flows from it, is a key factor for wellbeing.

Carolyn also provides mental health training, supervision for health and social care professionals and is a practice educator for social care students. She has delivered her Stress Reduction Workshops to frontline staff in the NHS and a Local Authority and is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.

She is a speaker and facilitator at conferences and events and has featured on local and national radio including BBC Radio Wales and in WI Life Magazine.

What people have said.

“As our world faces challenging times that are impacting us all I am finding the virtual world of yoga and emotional support of a wonderful group of people who also attend these virtual classes run by Carolyn has become an essential part of my days, the wonderful community that has been developed is a simply wonderful way of maintaining social distancing while building social & emotional support. Carolyn is wonderful & I highly recommend everyone to give her virtual classes a try!!” Clair.

“After just a few weeks, I feel so different.” Kath.

“I am a fairly new yogi and joined Carolyn’s classes a few months ago as a way of destressing after work. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference… I have been really astonished at how much I have learned in such a short space of time and how much of a difference it has made to how I feel, look and sleep. I have been a very poor sleeper for many years and tried all sorts of things to try to get more than a couple of hours a night. For the last couple of months I have managed to sleep through a whole night on a regular basis, not every night but most and it feels fabulous! The change is absolutely related to taking up yoga … I can’t recommend Carolyn’s classes enough…she is thorough, thoughtful and attentive…a natural teacher…and passionate about yoga.” Pip.

“After just a few weeks, I feel so different.” Kath.

“I’m currently able to do more yoga than ever because I can do it at home at a time that suits. I’m loving taking our practice to a previously impossible level!” V.

“Carolyn is unique. She helps people back into exercise and yet develops those who want to go further. And all with a positive attitude that makes us motivated to improve. I have found her classes transformational” Vega.

“I am feeling a whole lot better after working with Carolyn on my anxiety. I still have a way to go but she’s helped me so much. She is warm and caring and I never felt awkward talking about my stuff. She’s made me realise just by talking that my anxiety doesn’t rule me anymore. I can be in control of it and look out for it before it gets out of control, it’s just about changing your mind set which isn’t easy! It’s also about self care so I’m trying to fit yoga and meditation into my life as much as I can and life feels so much more positive now. Thank you Carolyn, you’ve made a difference.”

“I’d been practicing yoga at home for a couple of years before coming across Carolyn’s classes. As much as I love practising at home, it’s hard to tell if you’ve got the positions right and to know how to take it to the next level. Carolyn challenges me supportively to do just that. I’ve learned so much over the last few months and have been introduced to the wonderful yoga nidra” Alice.

“Carolyn’s classes are fantastic because she is warm, understanding and knowledgeable. Carolyn helps her students to be the best they can be and nothing is ever too much. highly recommended her classes” Chrissie.

“I have had many yoga teachers over the last decade and Carolyn is up there with the best of them. Her classes are small, intimate and I particularly like the way she makes time for adjustments and explains what we are hoping to achieve. Carolyn has a warm and friendly personality and is very knowledgeable about her yoga teaching, she keeps her teaching current, and her approach to her students is just lovely. I highly recommend her classes whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for some time” Amanda.

“We shared such a special time with Carolyn during our outside class in the sunshine. One of my favourite ever yoga classes! We booked her for a private class and she was professional, accommodating, helpful, encouraging and delivered a beautiful invigorating session that filled us with joy?” Claire.

“From my very first tentative contact with Carolyn I could sense that I had made the right decision in choosing her as someone to help me, she is just the loveliest, most approachable person you can imagine.

I was planning on attending one of her courses for anxiety, stress & burnout, I couldn’t even imagine walking into a class even though I really wanted to, Carolyn supported me right from the start, by developing a sense of safety & giving me coping methods to enable me to attend my first class.

My life started to change from that moment, some things I never thought I would be able to manage, I can now do without even thinking of, others we are still working on. I have lived the majority of my life with a deep sense of fear, I am a survivor of childhood abuse, that left me feeling like I am different to everyone else, that I don’t belong anywhere, that my body doesn’t belong to me – even my own body wasn’t a safe place to be, so to survive I have experienced my life in my head and felt completely separate from my body, sometimes when things become really difficult I haven’t even been able to live in my head, I just disappear completely. This isn’t the life I was born to live.
This is where Carolyn has really been able to work her magic, through our sessions in yoga & 1:1 mental health work she has helped me to transform my life, we are still working hard as a team, we have seen the tip of the iceberg, but just as naturally as the iceberg begins melting the changes gently occur within me. The path is not linear, I have had a few times of feeling like I can’t do the work, or face the feelings as they emerge & I experience their intensity, but Carolyn has never changed, she believes in me & I believe in her. The package is & does exactly as it says on the tin & more.

I now find my body & mind are often as one, not always, but I still have a lot to learn & self work to do. I am so very thankful for meeting you Carolyn & for your expertise & unwavering kindness throughout this process so far, I love yoga & I’m learning to love myself. Two things I never imagined I would ever feel.

Thank you”. SF

“This class is brilliant. I had never done yoga before and was unsure what to expect. Having in the past had thousands of pounds of chiropractic treatment, I was delighted to find that doing yoga really helped.” Vicky.

“I’d been practicing yoga at home for a couple of years before coming across Carolyn’s classes. As much as I love practising at home, it’s hard to tell if you’ve got the positions right and to know how to take it to the next level. Carolyn challenges me supportively to do just that. I’ve learned so much over the last few months and have been introduced to the wonderful yoga nidra” Zoe.

“Carolyn is a brilliant yoga teacher. I love her calmness and enthusiasm . I always leave the sessions feeling relaxed and at the same time as if I have had a brilliant workout” Fran.

“Carolyn is brilliant -she encourages and motivates in equal measures. I am far from your normal fitness fan -and never imagined I’d do yoga -but I feel so much better after these classes and after years of not being able to move my arm with ease I am noticing huge improvements in my mobility” Freddie.

“You combine vision with the ability to make things happen”.

“Thank you for your unwavering faith in me and your calm support.”

“You’re a master problem solver!”

“I’ve enjoyed attending the yoga group for stress and burnout and would thoroughly recommend this if you need to find some peace in your life. I’m now planning further sessions to practice these skills and to improve my flexibility and mental health” Carol.

“Carolyn’s passion for yoga really shines through in her teaching and the way she inspire and encourages her students. I am really enjoying my class and the Mindful Yoga is a perfect mix of yoga practice and relaxation. After just a few months I can feel my body becoming more flexible and my balance improving. Every morning I start with 30 minutes of yoga practice, which leaves me feeling both relaxed and energised. I thoroughly recommend that you try a class and I’m sure you’ll become hooked!” Kath.

Please note that some names have not been included due to the highly confidential nature of some of Carolyn’s work.

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