Destress and find some calm with live streamed gentle hatha and mindful yoga. There is no need to be fit or flexible for these classes.

For those of you who like more physically challenging classes, improve fitness, strength and flexibility with energetic and challenging vinyasa yoga. These classes are sequenced to also help provide relief from the symptoms of anxiety.

Total beginners are welcome to join our online community. There is a weekly Zoom tutorial where you can learn or revisit the fundamentals of yoga and receive feedback and advice.

Two virtual tea breaks take place on Zoom each week. Just bring your own
cup of tea.

And we have a Zoom yoga philosophy session each week where you can learn about and discuss yoga as a whole system for health, wellbeing and life.

Passes for June are £29.99. They give unlimited access to live streamed classes 5 days a week in a private Facebook group. Recordings of live classes are saved in the group if you can’t join a class live.