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Programme of regular events

  • Retreats
  • Yoga for Stress and Burnout Courses
  • Yoga for Addictions Courses
  • Mindful Yoga and Yoga Nidra Workshops
  • Free the Back and Shoulders Workshops

Pop-up Retreats

More dates coming soon.

Pop-up day retreats focus on reconnecting with body and mind, creating space and letting go of what is no longer needed. We practice hatha, vinyasa, somatic yoga and pranayama, sequenced to prepare for an extended one hour yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is much more than relaxation. You will feel day to day stressors dropping away as you move to a place between being awake and asleep.

Retreats are suitable for beginners and those with yoga experience; modifications and variations will be given so you can practice where you are at.

Vegetarian and vegan lunches, plus freshly squeezed, healthful juices are served during the day.

Mindful Yoga and Yoga Nidra Workshop

FULLY BOOKED. The next of these popular workshops will take place on Saturday 10 August, 1.00 to 4.00 at The Drawing Room, Butleigh.

If you ever feel tense, stressed, anxious or too busy, this 3 hour workshop including tea and cake will help you to breathe more deeply, relax and create space for yourself in the beautiful surroundings of The Drawing Room, Butleigh.
The first part of the workshop focuses on gentle yoga and somatic movement; you do not need to be flexible and you won’t break into a sweat! No yoga experience is needed. You will then lie down with warm blankets for a one-hour yoga nidra. This deep relaxation will take you to a place between being awake and asleep leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Immediately after the workshops, a variety of teas and homemade cake by The Drawing Room will be served.

There are a maximum of 6 places available for each workshop.

Each workshop including use of mats, blankets, props and tea and cake is £32.00.

Yoga for Stress and Burnout Course

The next course will take place on 4 Saturdays in the autumn of 2019. Dates to be announced soon. 

  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted?
  • Do you become unwell when you stop or go on holiday?
  • Find it difficult to sleep?
  • Do you feel that you have no time for yourself; there is always too much to do? And, maybe there is too much at stake for you to stop doing what you are doing?

This four week course will help you to breathe more deeply, learn techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, and provide space to start making lasting change in your life.

Each weekly session lasts for two hours. The first 75 minutes of each session focuses on gentle, mindful yoga, somatic movement, use of the breath and mindfulness, sequenced to still the mind and prepare for relaxation. You will then lie down with warm blankets for either relaxation or yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is a deep form of relaxation that can take you to a place between being awake and asleep while day to day stressors start to drop away.

You will also learn about the stress response, the impact of stress on body and mind, why chronic stress makes it so difficult to relax and what works. By the end of the course you will have experienced a range of practices and techniques that form an evidence-based toolkit for you to take into your daily life.

All sessions are suitable for beginners and you do not need to be flexible!

This course runs once or twice a year.

Yoga for Addictions

The MARK Course for addictions combines specialised yoga with mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques (CBT) to provide a holistic and complementary approach to addictions.

It is suitable for addiction to substances, alcohol, food, relationships and other addictive patterns of behaviour.

The course is delivered over 6 weeks in small groups or can be adapted to be delivered 1:1. Course dates for 2019 will be announced soon but please get in touch to register your interest of if you would like a course to be run for an organisation, charity or community group.

The investment for the 6 week course is £125. Individual sessions can also be provided. Please enquire for details.

Carolyn trained to deliver the MARK Course with the Minded Institute in London and has also worked in and managed addiction services in the NHS.

Free the Back and Shoulders Workshop

More dates to be confirmed soon. 

Modern living, computers, driving and mobile phones can leave us with tension and pain in the upper back, shoulders and neck. Many of us also carry stress in these areas.

In this workshop, Carolyn shares the personal practices she used to reverse the tension, upper back pain and reduced mobility she was left with after over two decades of working at desks and sitting in meetings.

“Well over 20 years of sitting in meetings and hunching over computers had left me with tension in my back, neck and shoulders and restricted mobility, particularly in my thoracic spine and shoulders. I couldn’t lift my arms straight above my head. And my upper back was hurting a lot, particularly between the shoulder blades.

A key part of my personal yoga journey has been to change my posture, reduce tension and pain in my back and regain mobility. My mobility has improved significantly and the pain has gone, but this is still on ongoing journey and I continue to do focused practices on my back and shoulders every week.

Having shared some of the yoga sequences and breath work that have helped me in some of my classes and heard the sighs of relief, I will be sharing them in this two hour workshop for the upper back and shoulders.”

Resources will be provided so you can continue with an upper back and shoulder practice at home.

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