Are you looking for some calm in your life?

Do you ever feel too busy, stressed or anxious?

Do you have tightness or tension in your body?

Would you like to improve your flexibility, balance and strength without breaking into a sweat?

Through a focus on gentle, mindful yoga, these classes will encourage you to breathe more deeply and improve your flexibility, balance and strength.

Importantly, the physical benefits are just side effects. The essence of these classes is calming the mind and reducing the chatter in our heads.

Each week, the class includes mindful yoga poses, use of the breath plus either a mindfulness practice, relaxation or yoga nidra (deeply relaxing yogic sleep).

The class is suitable for beginners of all ages and you do not need to be flexible, strong or fit! As the class includes seated and lying down poses, you do need to be able to sit and lie down on a mat.

Mindful Yoga is currently being taught online as part of the online classes timetable. Visit the bookings page for your Unlimited Online Class Pass.