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Modern living, computers, driving and mobile phones can leave us with tension and pain in the upper back, shoulders and neck. Many of us also carry huge amounts of stress in these areas.

In this workshop, Carolyn will share the personal practices she used to reverse the tension, upper back pain and reduced mobility she was left with after over two decades of working at desks and sitting in meetings.

“Well over 20 years of sitting in meetings and hunching over computers had left me with restricted mobility, particularly in my thoracic spine and shoulders. I couldn’t lift my arms straight above my head. And my upper back was hurting a lot, primarily between the shoulder blades. 

A key part of my personal yoga journey has been to change my posture, reduce tension and the pain in my back and regain mobility. My mobility has improved significantly and the pain has gone, but this is still on ongoing journey and I continue to do focused practices on my back and shoulders every week. 

Having shared some of the yoga poses and breath work that have helped me in some of my recent classes and heard the sighs of relief, I will be sharing my personal practices with you in this two hour workshop for the upper back and shoulders.”

Resources will be provided so you can continue with an upper back and shoulder practice at home.