Feeling tense, nervous, overwhelmed, stressed, agitated, restless and exhausted?

Do you have a sense of dread, fear the worst or that bad things will happen if you stop worrying?

You may also have difficulties sleeping, maybe a churning or nauseous feeling in your stomach, experience palpations or a racing heart, feel sweaty and have panic attacks.

This course is for you if you don’t want to continue how you are; it is making you ill, impacting on your health and relationships and you need a kickstart and support to reclaim your life.

A body-mind approach is taken using evidence-based yoga practices. The course starts each week by calming body and mind through gentle mindful yoga, breathing and deep relaxation to bring you back from a state of overwhelm and hypervigilance.

You will then learn about physical and psychological aspects of anxiety, the vicious cycle of anxiety, the stress response, the impact of stress and anxiety on body and mind and why it is so difficult to relax and stop worrying when you are experiencing chronic stress and anxiety.

Within the small group, Carolyn uses therapeutic approaches including motivational interviewing, solution-focused work and principles from CBT to support you towards committing to and sustaining change in your life.

This is not an ‘off the shelf’ course that is available elsewhere. As each group is unique, Carolyn uses her extensive knowledge and experience from her career in mental health services, taking a bespoke approach and adapting the content of each course to participants.

Course dates

This course will be delivered face to face when it is safe to do so. An online version is being considered.