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Carolyn has 20 years experience as a mental health professional and senior leader within the NHS and a Local Authority and uses her knowledge and skills to provide personalised services for mental health recovery.

Assessment and 1:1 therapeutic programmes for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, self-harm and addiction are available in a comfortable home-based studio in Butleigh near Glastonbury and in community venues in and around Mendip.

Bespoke Therapeutic Programmes

  • Are anxiety and panic attacks limiting your life?
  • Have you lost interest in the things you used to enjoy?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted but find it difficult to sleep?
  • Feel restless, edgy and sense something bad will happen if you don’t do things in a certain way?

You may also have experienced trauma from childhood or in your adult life, disassociate, self-harm or self-medicate using food, alcohol or substances to numb difficult emotions.

If you are ready for change, Carolyn can provide you with evidence-based tools and techniques to work towards recovery in a safe, accepting and friendly space. While Carolyn’s approach includes counselling skills (listening, reframing for example) and principles from CBT, it is a broader approach using a wide range of therapeutic approaches including advice and discussion about what will work best for you.

Within each session, the difficulties you are experiencing will be explored. Sessions may include learning about your symptoms and condition, how they impact on your mind and body, how your beliefs can impact on thoughts and behaviours, how traumatic experiences can result in feeling numb, disconnected and unable to trust other people and practical exercises. Relapse prevention is also provided as a key component of 1:1 work to give you the best chance to sustain the changes you have made.

High quality bespoke therapeutic programmes are offered for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression, self-harm and addiction. They are not intended as a substitute for the free mental health treatment that is available from the NHS, rather they offer an alternative approach for common mental health difficulties at a time that is convenient for you in a discrete, homely environment.

A no obligation assessment is carried out in your first session to establish what you consider your difficulties to be, to explore what you have tried before and to develop a formulation to make sense of your difficulties in the context of your life events, relationships, social circumstances and environment. If you would like a written formulation report, this can be provided within 5 days of your assessment appointment, which includes recommendations for recovery. The report is a comprehensive professional report; it can be powerful to read and helpful to refer back to.

Assessment and formulation is a complete service in itself. Having a different perspective and understanding your difficulties in a different way may be enough for you to start your journey towards your recovery.

If you would like to go further, an individual therapeutic programme can be designed with you. All programmes are provided in blocks of 4 sessions (these can be paid for as you go), with your progress being reviewed in the last session of each block. Further blocks of sessions can be arranged however the intention is to work with you towards recovery as quickly as possible, but always at your pace, so you can get on with living your life.

It is important to be aware that working towards recovery may at times be uncomfortable and challenge some of your beliefs. While Carolyn is experienced in motivational interviewing to help you tip the balance towards greater commitment and motivation for change, the more you commit to the process, the better the outcome is likely to be.

The prices for these services in the studio in Butleigh are:

Initial 60 minute assessment – £55

Initial 60 minute assessment and formulation letter – £120

Private 60 minute sessions – £55

A quote can be provided for travel to other venues in Mendip.

To book a free, no obligation 30 minute telephone consultation please email