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Bespoke Therapeutic Programmes

Carolyn Smith Mental Health is a safe, confidential space for high quality assessment and bespoke therapeutic programmes for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression and addiction.

Each therapeutic programme is as individual as you are. Carolyn uses her extensive professional knowledge and experience from almost 20 years as a mental health professional and senior leader within the NHS and a Local Authority to design a bespoke programme with you and for you.

Carolyn Smith Mental Health is not intended as a substitute for the free mental health treatment that is available from the NHS, rather it offers an alternative approach for common mental health difficulties.

A no obligation assessment is carried out in your first session to establish what you consider your difficulties to be, to explore what you have tried before and to develop a formulation to make sense of your difficulties in the context of your life events, relationships, social circumstances and environment. You will receive your written formulation letter within 5 days of your assessment appointment, which will include recommendations for your recovery.

The assessment and formulation letter is a complete service in itself. Having a different perspective and understanding your difficulties in a different way may be enough for you to work towards your recovery.
If you would like to go further, an individual therapeutic programme can be designed with you. All programmes are provided in 4 session blocks with your progress being reviewed in the last session of each block. Further blocks of sessions can be arranged however the intention is to work with you towards recovery as quickly as possible, so you can get on with living your life.

A prerequisite for working with Carolyn beyond the initial assessment, is the commitment to attend sessions and complete the tasks that are set in each session to support your recovery. It is important to be aware that working towards recovery may at times be uncomfortable and challenge some of your beliefs. While Carolyn is experienced in motivational interviewing to help you tip the balance towards greater commitment and motivation for change, and can offer support between sessions, the more you commit to the process, the better the outcome will be.

To book a free, no obligation telephone consultation please email


Initial 55-minute face to face assessment and formulation letter – £120

Four session post-assessment face to face package – £290. Each session is 55 minutes; the package includes one ‘as needed’ 30-minute telephone or Skype call.

55-minute Skype assessment and formulation letter – £99
Four session post-assessment Skype package. The package includes one ‘as needed’ 30-minute telephone or Skype call – £249

Managing Anxiety and Panic Course

Are anxiety and panic attacks limiting your life?

Have you lost interest in the things you used to enjoy?

Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted but find it difficult to sleep?

Feel restless, edgy and sense something bad will happen if you don’t do things in a certain way?

Experience a racing heart, sweating, trembling or stomach problems?

Anxiety and panic can increase susceptibility to illness and have a significant impact on thoughts, behaviours, work, leisure and relationships.

You may find that you get confused easily, have difficulty concentrating or struggle to make decisions. It may feel like you have too many racing thoughts, you are frequently worried that a catastrophe is just around the corner and avoid the situations and places that cause you anxiety.

Palpitations, butterflies in the stomach, sweating, trembling, being short of breath, dizziness, pins and needles, muscle tension, nausea, bowel or bladder problems, tiredness and difficulties sleeping can all be symptoms of anxiety. You should of course visit your GP if you are concerned about any of your symptoms to check for any underlying health conditions.

If you are ready to commit to making changes in your life, this 4 session outcome-focused course will focus on the ‘here and now’ to provide you with tools and techniques to work towards solutions as quickly as possible. From the outset and during the course, you will identify ‘where you are at’, ‘what you want to achieve’ and ‘what the barriers have been up to now’.  Each session will focus on key topics to support you with the process of identifying and refining, realistic, achievable goals and solutions.

Key topics covered in the course include:

  • Understanding anxiety;
  • How anxiety effects the body and mind;
  • How your beliefs impact on your thoughts and behaviours;
  • Identifying, challenging and reframing unhelpful thoughts and behaviours;
  • Techniques and tools to manage anxiety;
  • Understanding panic attacks, what happens in the body in a panic attack, triggers and how to manage them;
  • Learning how to relax;
  • Lifestyle management.

Relaxation and breathing skills will also be practiced in the course. You will need to commit 30 minutes a day for the duration of the course to consolidate your learning and take it into your daily life. Activities, depending on individual needs and goals, may include graded exposure and keeping a ‘thoughts, feelings and behaviours diary’.

Carolyn will draw on a range of change focused and therapeutic approaches in the course; solution focused work, motivational interviewing, behavioural activation and principles from CBT.

Similarly to other change focused and therapeutic programmes, for the course to be effective, commitment to change, to attend all sessions and engage with the course material is important. Please check that you are able to attend all sessions before booking to attend a course as it is progressive with each session building on the previous one.

Each course is run as a closed group, which means that no additional participants will be able join a course after it has started. The reasons for this are to provide consistency and a friendly space where you feel safe and supported.

Courses are held in venues across in Mendip and Taunton. Each session runs for 1 hour 45 minutes over 4 consecutive weeks.

If you would like to discuss the course before booking, please email to arrange a free no obligation telephone conversation.


4 week Managing Anxiety and Panic Course – £79.

Dates for the next course will be published soon.


Face to face assessments and therapeutic sessions are provided in Butleigh plus other venues in Mendip and Taunton. Sessions can also be provided at other venues by arrangement.

Skype Programmes

Assessment and bespoke programmes can also be provided by Skype.


All work with Carolyn is confidential. Personal information will only be disclosed with your consent unless it is in the ‘public interest’ to do so, is required by a court of law or is required to safeguard vulnerable adults or children. This might be in circumstances when disclosing information is necessary to prevent a serious crime or serious harm to yourself of other people.


Carolyn is registered with The Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and holds a MSc (Distinction) Social Work Studies and Diploma in Social Work from the University of Southampton. For more information, please visit the About Us page.

Mental Health Services for Organisations

Carolyn provides senior leadership consultancy and independent social work services for organisations. Services available include:

  • Independent investigations;
  • Service review and redesign;
  • Project management;
  • Supervision and mentorship for health and social care professionals, and
  • Practice teaching for social work students.
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