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Mental Health Training

  • Do you or your team want to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health problems?
  • Develop the knowledge to promote resilience and a mentally healthy workplace?
  • Learn how to manage and support people who are experiencing mental health problems within the workplace and gain the confidence to manage and plan a successful return to work?

The 2017 Government paper Thriving at Work reviews how employers can better support mental health in the workplace. Aside from the human cost of mental illness, the financial cost to employers in the UK are estimated to be between £33 and £42 billion per year. Low productivity, lengthy or frequent sickness absence due to mental health problems can impact significantly on organisational and team outcomes.

Carolyn and Colin Nash deliver mental health training in the South West exclusively on behalf of Heads Up Training. Heads Up is a Somerset-based mental health charity supporting people towards recovery and independence within a therapeutic environment.

Carolyn and Colin have almost 50 years of experience between them in mental health services, many of them at senior levels in the NHS, Local Authorities and a national mental health charity. Their menu of courses includes:

  • Mental Health in the Workplace;
  • Mental Health Awareness;
  • Building Resilience;
  • Managing Stress and Burnout;
  • Managing Risk, Self-harm and Suicide Prevention.

This is not off the shelf ‘one size fits all’ training. Carolyn and Colin adapt their courses to deliver the outcomes you need. They also have the depth of knowledge and experience to be able to take the training in different directions on the day in line with the individual learning needs of delegates.

Bespoke training and post-training consultancy can also be provided.

Training can be provided in the new training room at Heads Up near Wells or at your workplace.

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