Yoga is a practice for stilling the mind, for connection and seeing beyond limiting illusions and beliefs.

Calm the mind, lift the spirits, learn skills and practices to manage stress and life challenges alongside improving fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility. There is a very good chance you will feel calmer after your very first class.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, exhausted or experience chronic fatigue/ME, Mindful Yoga classes can support you to come back from a state of overwhelm. You do not need to be fit or flexible and you won’t break into a sweat!

If you spend long periods of your day sitting or want to improve fitness, strength and flexibility, dynamic and energetic vinyasa yoga will get you moving, burn stress hormones, raise your heart rate and target tense and constricted areas such as the back, shoulders and hips. And all of this is just a side effect, for the main aim of these classes too is to calm the mind by moving the attention to the breath and body.

Breathe, pause, strip back what is no longer needed and improve health, fitness and wellbeing.

All classes and events are trauma sensitive and non-competitive. You are encouraged to come as you are and work where you are at. There is a strong sense of community in all classes plus opportunities to make new friends and networks.

Integrating yoga teaching with extensive experience as a mental health professional and senior manager for mental health services in the NHS and a Local Authority, classes, courses and retreats are designed to counter the impact of modern living.

Connect with yourself and our yoga community in and around Glastonbury, Street, Butleigh, Barton St David and other locations across Somerset. While regular yoga classes can provide a valuable contribution to health and wellbeing, individual emotional and mental health support, that is beyond the scope of group classes, can be provided in 1:1 therapeutic mental health programmes.

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Is your life limited by anxiety, panic attacks, stress, depression or addiction?

Carolyn Smith Mental Health provides high quality assessment, 1:1 bespoke therapeutic programmes and groupwork for anxiety, depression, stress, burnout and addiction.

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What people have said.

“I am a fairly new yogi and joined Carolyn’s classes a few months ago as a way of destressing after work. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference… I have been really astonished at how much I have learned in such a short space of time and how much of a difference it has made to how I feel, look and sleep. I have been a very poor sleeper for many years and tried all sorts of things to try to get more than a couple of hours a night. For the last couple of months I have managed to sleep through a whole night on a regular basis, not every night but most and it feels fabulous! The change is absolutely related to taking up yoga … I can’t recommend Carolyn’s classes enough…she is thorough, thoughtful and attentive…a natural teacher…and passionate about yoga.” Pip.

“After just a few weeks, I feel so different.” Kath.

“This class is brilliant. I had never done yoga before and was unsure what to expect. Having in the past had thousands of pounds of chiropractic treatment, I was delighted to find that doing yoga really helped.” Vicky.

“I am feeling a whole lot better after working with Carolyn on my anxiety. I still have a way to go but she’s helped me so much. She is warm and caring and I never felt awkward talking about my stuff. She’s made me realise just by talking that my anxiety doesn’t rule me anymore. I can be in control of it and look out for it before it gets out of control, it’s just about changing your mind set which isn’t easy! It’s also about self care so I’m trying to fit yoga and meditation into my life as much as I can and life feels so much more positive now. Thank you Carolyn, you’ve made a difference.”

“I’d been practicing yoga at home for a couple of years before coming across Carolyn’s classes. As much as I love practising at home, it’s hard to tell if you’ve got the positions right and to know how to take it to the next level. Carolyn challenges me supportively to do just that. I’ve learned so much over the last few months and have been introduced to the wonderful yoga nidra.”

“You combine vision with the ability to make things happen”.

“Thank you for your unwavering faith in me and your calm support.”

“You’re a master problem solver!”

“I’ve enjoyed attending the yoga group for stress and burnout and would thoroughly recommend this if you need to find some peace in your life. I’m now planning further sessions to practice these skills and to improve my flexibility and mental health.”

“Carolyn’s passion for yoga really shines through in her teaching and the way she inspire and encourages her students. I am really enjoying my class and the Mindful Yoga is a perfect mix of yoga practice and relaxation. After just a few months I can feel my body becoming more flexible and my balance improving. Every morning I start with 30 minutes of yoga practice, which leaves me feeling both relaxed and energised. I thoroughly recommend that you try a class and I’m sure you’ll become hooked!”

Please note that some names have not been included due to the highly confidential nature of some of Carolyn’s work.

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