Walk Tall


  • Experience how a fusion of yoga, philosophy and psychology is the thread that pulls together and integrates learning on your journey of self-discovery and growth. 
  • Move from living in fear to finding a sense of safety and trust within yourself.
  • Encourage your body away from physical symptoms of anxiety, stress, 'fight and flight' and hyper-vigilance towards calm and balance.
  • Integrate tools and techniques that work to reduce over-thinking, stress, anxiety, panic and burnout into your life to live with more ease.
  • Improve fitness, release tension held in the body and learn the skill of relaxation.
  • Notice increased energy, focus, concrentration and better sleep.
  • Little shifts and new insights add up each week as you find new freedom from the mind. 

Walk Tall 1:1

From £250/m

  • Shift long-held patterns to overcome that which holds you back in regular 1:1 sessions with Carolyn.
  • Carolyn works in partnership with you, building a safe therapeutic relationship, talking, listening and interacting.
  • Together you will weave together ingredients from a range of therapeutic talking and somatic approaches in a bespoke 1:1 programme that gets results.
  • Walk Tall 1:1 gives you tools, hope and growth, and empowers you to integrate lasting change into your life. 
  • Carolyn can work with you to disrupt vicious cycles of stress, burnout and/or anxiety, support recovery from trauma or help you to find solutions to problems you might be experiencing in life such as work, family or relationship issues.
  • Unlimited access to Walk Tall is included.