Walk Tall enrolment re-opens on 25 March

Walk Tall

Calm the mind, lift the spirits and improve fitness, strength and flexibility.

Be a part of the energy, inspiration, and support that is our interactive and safe online yoga community. 

Enrolment reopens on 25 March.


Imagine feeling better in just a few weeks.

Maybe you're feeling stressed, anxious, flat or burnt out?

Perhaps tired but finding it difficult to sleep or not feeling rested when you wake?

Experiencing muscle tightness, tension or not feelings as flexible as you once did?

Walk Tall is an online live and on-demand programme for real people, designed to inspire and support you to feel and live better, all from the comfort of your own home.

Little shifts and new insights will add up each week as you achieve increased freedom from the mind, alongside improved energy, strength, flexibility and balance. 

How would it be to feel more confident, to manage life difficulties with more ease, to surpass your expectations and feel more alive? 

This is all achievable with Walk Tall. 

About Walk Tall

Walk Tall is a monthly membership programme giving you unlimited access to 4 live classes each week, a live weekly session combining yoga philosophy and psychology to integrate learning, and much more. 

What's included

  • Access to 4 live online classes on Zoom each week including strong, dynamic yoga, gentle yoga and mindful yoga and yoga nidra.*
  • A weekly session on Zoom linking wisdom from yoga and psychology, to growth and your real life experiences.*
  • A weekly 15 minute breath work session.*
  • A monthly question and answers session on Zoom.
  • An online members only portal with 24/7 access to yoga class recordings so you can catch-up when you aren't able to join live.
  • A free mobile app to access class recordings from your phone or tablet.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with others in the community.
  • Encouragement, guidance and support from Carolyn and the rest of the Walk Tall community.

* Live sessions take place 46 weeks of the year with breaks usually at Easter, Christmas and in August, plus two other 1 week breaks. 

Discover more about classes designed to help you feel better each week

If you are a total beginner, support and advice will be given to get you started. 

Mindful Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Feeling tense, experiencing stress, burnout, overwhelm or prefer a gentle and mostly floor-based practice? Mindful Yoga will encourage you to breathe more deeply and soothe the nervous system. Classes are sequenced to build towards a 20 minute yoga nidra (deep rest and relaxation). 

Gentle Yoga

Work at your own pace in this accessible class to target functional mobility, posture, muscle tone, strength and balance alongside calming body and mind. Ideal for beginners to learn the fundamentals of yoga, if you prefer a gentle practice or find it difficult to get up and down from the floor quickly. 


Move with the breath in a dynamic practice with time to experience and feel each pose. The class is sequenced to be helpful for anxiety alongside building strength, flexibility and stamina. Intermediate yoga provides a strong 30 minute practice for those times when you need a shorter class. 

What people have said

“Carolyn is unique. She helps people back into exercise and yet develops those who want to go further. And all with a positive attitude that makes us motivated to improve. I have found her classes transformational” Vega.


“As our world faces challenging times that are impacting us all I am finding the virtual world of yoga and emotional support of a wonderful group of people who also attend these virtual classes run by Carolyn has become an essential part of my days, the wonderful community that has been developed is a simply wonderful way of maintaining social distancing while building social & emotional support. Carolyn is wonderful & I highly recommend everyone to give her virtual classes a try!!” Clair.


“Carolyn is brilliant -she encourages and motivates in equal measures. I am far from your normal fitness fan -and never imagined I’d do yoga -but I feel so much better after these classes and after years of not being able to move my arm with ease I am noticing huge improvements in my mobility” Freddie.