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Walk Tall

Disrupt vicious cycles of stress, anxiety and burnout.

See beyond limiting illusions and beliefs.

Release tension from the body.

Calm the mind.


Walk Tall membership gives you unlimited access to 4 live yoga classes, a breath work session and an educational Journey Home session each week. Yoga philosophy and psychology is the thread that weaves together and integrates learning, self-discovery, growth and change.  

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Imagine starting to notice changes and feel better in just a few weeks.


Maybe you're feeling stressed, anxious, flat or are often on the edge of burnout.

Perhaps tired but finding it difficult to sleep or not feeling rested when you wake.

You might feel tension in your body and find it difficult to relax, or become unwell when you do stop.

Walk Tall is an online live and on-demand yoga programme designed to inspire and support you to feel and live better, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Little shifts and new insights will add up each week as you achieve increased freedom from the mind.

How would it be to feel more confident, to manage life difficulties with more ease, to surpass your expectations and feel more alive? 

This is all achievable with Walk Tall. 

Yoga classes: The foundation for Walk Tall

Mindful Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Mindful Yoga encourages you to breathe more deeply and soothes the nervous system. It is for you if you feel tense, stressed, burnt out, overwhelmed, fatigued, exhausted or prefer a gentle and mostly floor-based practice. Even if you find it very difficult to relax, there is a very good chance that Mindful Yoga will enable you to settle and calm body and mind. 

The practice is an embodied and somatic practice to help you to drop below the over-thinking mind.  Each class is sequenced to prepare you for a 20 minute yoga nidra where you will be invited to lie down, wrap yourself in a blanket and experience deep rest. 

Gentle Yoga

Our approach to life is often mirrored on the yoga mat.

Perhaps you have a tendency to push yourself, over-think, to believe you must hold everything together or take care of everyone else.

Gentle yoga embodies the middle way of yoga. You'll be encouraged to explore the balance between gentle effort and ease and move away from extremes to find more balance both on and off your yoga mat. 

Gentle yoga is an all levels class that explores foundational and accessible yoga poses. It is suitable for beginners and those with yoga experience.  


Move with the breath in a dynamic practice with time to experience and feel each pose.

Yoga classes are 75 minute classes, sequenced to be helpful for anxiety alongside building strength, flexibility and stamina. They start floor-based, include flowing sun salutations and standing poses before moving back down to the ground to slow down, settle, rest and relax. 

Intermediate Yoga classes provide a dynamic 30 minute practice for those times when you prefer or need a shorter class. They are suitable if you are familiar with sun salutations, Ashtanga or vinyasa style practices.  

The thread that weaves Walk Tall together


While Walk Tall yoga classes can encourage your body away from physical symptoms of anxiety, stress, 'fight and flight' and hyper-vigilance towards calm and balance, improve fitness, stamina, flexibility and help you to learn to relax and sleep better, the programme goes much deeper. We also have a very strong sense of community within Walk Tall. 

Ancient yoga wisdom, philosophy and modern psychology forms the thread that weaves together and integrates learning, self-discovery, change and growth. 

Perhaps you are wondering what this looks like in practice? In yoga classes, you will be invited to notice patterns of thoughts and behaviours, as well as your emotions and responses to them as your yoga mat becomes like a laboratory where you can try our new ways of being and responding to life from the comfort and safety of your own home. Many Walk Tall students find that these new ways of being seep into their daily life off the yoga mat like a process of osmosis. 

Each week a topic from the Walk Tall curriculum is introduced in the weekly Journey Home session. The session includes an educational presentation drawing on yoga philosophy and psychology, followed by discussion with the friendly and supportive Walk Tall community. You are welcome to listen or interact via the chat box on Zoom if you don't feel ready to contribute. 

The topic is then weaved through classes during the week providing practical opportunities for you put your learning into practice before taking what works for you off the mat into your life. 

The Walk Tall curriculum is a rotating curriculum with cross-over and interdependence between topics, so you can join the programme at any point without needing to start at Pillar 1. The educational presentation from all Journey Home sessions is recorded to enable you to revisit topics in your own time. 

The Walk Tall Curriculum   


Pillar 1 – Body and Breath
The journey: Beginning, middle and destination.
Neuroscience: Fight, flight and freeze, vagal tone and neuroplasticity.
Be here now. The purpose of yoga.
Finding safety.
The five koshas.
The three gunas, 8 limbs of yoga and the middle way of yoga. 

Pillar 2 - Community
Extreme independence is a trust issue: Learning to trust others and be vulnerable.
Barriers to community: Ego, conditioning and fear.
Namaste: We are more the same than we are different and cultural appropriation.
I am not this body; I am not this mind: Stripping back what you are not.

Pillar 3 – Thoughts and Beliefs
Vicious cycles – thoughts and beliefs aren’t true 100% of the time.
The stories we tell.
Limiting beliefs
Control is an illusion.

Pillar 4 – Emotions
The power of emotion and experience.
Feel to heal.
The edge: The place where growth happens.
Space and non-reactivity.
Self-esteem: Internal vs external validation.
Protection prevents connection: Be open to receive.
Radical acceptance.
Trusting self: Inner teacher.


Pillar 5 - Behaviours
Avoidance/survival strategies and samskaras.
Structure and self-discipline: Internal locus of control.
Boundaries: Managing energy and energy leaks.
Creativity, fun and play.
Trust the process: Towards deep knowing vs cherry picking from ‘how to’ guides.
Purpose: Drop the ‘what’, focus on the ‘why’.
Will power doesn’t work

Pillar 6 – The Journey Home
The chakras
The Yoga Sutras.
The Bhagavid Gita.
Yoga mythology, the seasons and cycle of life.


What's included

  • 4 live online yoga classes on Zoom each week. See the timetable for live classes below.*
  • An educational weekly 'Journey Home'  session linking wisdom from yoga philosophy and psychology, to your personal journey and real life experiences.*
  • A weekly 15 minute breath work session.
  • An online members only portal with 24/7 on demand access to recordings of all yoga, breathing and Journey Home sessions so you can revisit sessions or catch-up when you aren't able to join live. There are over 300 recordings for you to access. 
  • A free mobile app to access recordings from your phone or tablet.
  • Encouragement, guidance and support from Carolyn and the rest of the Walk Tall community.

* Live sessions take place 46 weeks of the year with breaks usually at Easter, Christmas and in August, plus two other 1 week breaks. 

Walk Tall Timetable 

The summer timetable commences on Monday 25 April 2022.

Walk Tall Student

"It's like going on a mini life journey each week. I was sleep walking through life. Now I have woken up."